Code of Ethics for
Carra’s Advisors of Proximity

Through ethical behaviour, our Advisors of Proximity uphold the following standards of practice:

  • Carra’s Advisors have the interest of our clients at heart and will never intentionally take advantage of his/her trust. 
  • Carra’s Advisors will make sure to fully understand the client’s requirements by obtaining and confirming information in regards to his/her needs.
  • With the information supplied by the client, Carra’s Advisors will start the search process with the objective of recommending residences which corresponds best to his/her needs.
  • Carra’s advisors will always act in good faith. Standards of ethics will diligently be respected at all times, with honesty, integrity, fairly and in a professional manner.
  • Carra’s Advisors will protect the confidentiality of the client’s personal information to be used only for reasons for which they were gathered and will be referred to only by authorised people.
  • Carra’s Advisors agree that their responsibilities are not restricted to solely what is indicated above but will always exercise integrity in dealing with clients in all situations.
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