Frequently Asked

If Carra offers an entirely free service, how are you paid ?

Carra’s free service of assisting people in finding a Senior’s home is financed by the private residences.

Are private residences safe ?

All Senior Private Residences are subject to the application of the new rules and regulations on the conditions of obtaining a certificate of compliance and operation standards for a private seniors’ residence which became effective on March 13th, 2013.  A private residence for seniors is subject to different rules and regulations:  The Healthcare and Social Services Act (article 346.0.1. to 346.0.31.); The Rules of obtaining a certificate of compliances and standards of operation of a private residence for seniors: Municipal regulations; Municipal regulations on Fire and Safety Services; Regulations on La Régie du Logement; Regulations on La Régie du Bâtiment; Regulations on the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ); Laws on labour standards (if there are employees).

Are there any waiting lists in the private sector?

There are more and more senior private residences whether it is for autonomous people or people with loss of autonomy, but the ageing population requires more seniors’ housing.  Carra has a team of advisors by sector who are cognisant of the private housing unit availabilities in the sector of your choice.  In an emergency situation this may be very useful for you.

Why should I use your service rather than making my own search for a residence ?

You will benefit from the recommendations of one of Carra’s advisor of proximity who are very familiar with all residences in the area you are looking for.  It is part of their responsibilities to visit and assess the quality of the services and medical care.  Their advice will be very useful in your choice of a residence.

How can I be sure that you will recommend a residence that will satisfy my needs?

Our advisors have the interests of seniors at heart.  Our prime objective is to fully understand the needs of the person in order to refer residences we would have chosen for our own parents.  Our advisors constantly evaluate the residences and remain in contact with the family or resident after he/she has moved in, so as to monitor their satisfaction and ensure the quality of the residence.  We have access to all private residences.  We do not have any exclusivity agreement with a residence.  We are independent and impartial in each of our recommendations.

What is the Tax Credit for Home-Support services for seniors?

There are two financial aids available for elderly people living in a seniors’ residence, the Tax Credit for Home-Support services for seniors and the Shelter Allowance Progam.  The Tax Credit with advanced payments is issued each month and it could represent up to 24% of your rent.

Will I pay a higher rent if I am referred by Carra?

Our service is entirely free.  Our Partnership agreements with all residences clearly stipulate that the resident referred by Carra will pay the exact same amount as any other resident with the same services.  The residence must offer the same advantages and privileges to the residents referred by Carra as all other residents.

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