Long-term care facility


  • People facing a loss of autonomy searching for a living environment where the healthcare services are a priority
  • A person requiring full time assistance in their daily living activities and personal care
  • A clientele needing assistance in the long term care process


  • There are three types of CHSLDs in Quebec; the public CHSLD, the CHSLD under agreement, and the private CHSLD. The private CHSLD (without government funding) is solely administered by an independent owner, whereas the State intervenes in the management of the public CHSLD or CHSLD under agreement.
  • A CHSLD is a Long-Term Care facility for seniors who require permanent assistance and specialised care, where home care is no longer possible and unsafe. The CHSLD ensures medical follow-ups, medication administration, assistance with personal hygiene and has a team of professionals such as occupational therapist, physiotherapist, etc..  They also offer their residents recreational and leisure activities.  A CHSLD offers a sound and safe environment in a family-like atmosphere.
  • A CHSLD is a permanent or temporary alternative living facility, with accommodation services, assistance, support and surveillance.
  • A CHSLD has several services such as rehabilitation, psychosocial, nursing, pharmaceutical and medical services for people with loss of their functional or psychosocial autonomy who can no longer stay in their own home, despite the support of their family and friends.
  • A CHSLD has private and semi-private rooms adapted to the needs of every individual
  • A CHSLD is subject to more rigorous rules and regulations then those of a seniors’ residence because they must meet several accreditation standards to obtain their certification. http://cqaqualite.ca/fr
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