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The Seniors Lounge


The Salon des aînés of Saint-Jérôme unveiled its program of speakers who will be present as part of its event on September 22 at Quartier 50+ in Saint-Jérôme.

In total, seven experts from different fields and public figures will present a conference on topics related to the aging process to inform seniors and their families about issues that concern them. As a novelty this year, the conferences will be free.

Featured speakers!

Three keynote conferences will be presented in Quartier 50+'s auditorium, which can accommodate more than 400 people. This series of conferences will be provided by three women adulated and known to Quebecers.

Dr. Christiane Laberge, a general practitioner known for her chronicles on various television and radio shows, will present her lecture "Quel journée! At 10 am, the goal of which will be to discuss the different stages of the day and healthy lifestyle habits to keep you healthy. The conference will be followed by an open-ended question period and Dr. Laberge will meet the public after the conference to discuss more closely with the audience.

Jocelyne Robert, sexologist and author of several best-selling books, will deliver the second lecture at 1:30 pm. Sexuality and body crumpled taboo taboo will allow the audience to understand how sexuality is lived for pleasure and for communicate. Human beings are sexual, sexual and erotic beings, from the beginning to the end of life. Jocelyne Robert will meet the public before and after the conference, at a dedication table located near the theater.

Finally, Marie-Josée Taillefer, a public figure, will close the series of keynote lectures by presenting "L'audition, a priority! " at 16 o'clock. She is the mother of two children born with genetic deafness, this conference is an opportunity for Marie-Josée to tell about her experience and her career in the field of hearing. It offers advice and strategies to raise awareness, from children to seniors, about the impact of hearing loss. She will be available before and after her conference to meet the public at the Lobe booth in the Quartier 50+ lobby.

Inescapable intimate conferences

To complete the information collected in more than 80 kiosks, the Saint-Jérôme Seniors Lounge will present, for the first time, a series of four intimate conferences addressing various themes. These conferences will be presented in Room E without a mandatory pass, but space is limited.

At 10:00, Dr. Jacques Goulet, maxillofacial surgeon, will present the conference "Dental prosthesis, we must see," in order to raise awareness of the importance of proper maintenance of their dental implant.

Considering that a quarter of the Quebec population is close to helping, at 11:45 am, Julie Gravel, psychosociologist, will present the conference "Valuing and supporting caregivers of seniors". This conference will allow visitors to be equipped by discovering the services offered specifically to caregivers of seniors.

At 1:30 pm, CISSS des Laurentides Users' Committee, along with its collaborators, will present the conference "Your rights as users of the health care system", in order to inform the public about defense, protection and respect user rights.

Finally, at 4 pm, Nathalie Prud'homme, who received an 18-month prognosis to live more than 6 years ago, will recount her fight against the disease, tinged with resilience and courage. A story, littered with hardships and awakening, that can inspire us all.

Those wishing to attend the Star Conferences must use a mandatory pass, available at the Quartier 50+ reception desk on August 6th in limited quantities. Limit of four passes per applicant.